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I am Michelle Lopez.



Business owner.


And many other things.

I started writing a book called Stalking the Alpha Male in December 2011, about Roger Huerta and War Machine. It caused a stir in the MMA community. My mistake (or perhaps opportunity-in-disguise) was that I marketed the book before it was finished… then got so overwhelmed and distracted by all the hype and response that I failed to actually finish the book.

I felt a little like GSP unable to finish a fight, yet still winning by decision after rolling around on the ground for what felt like years. If I could finish my book the way Nate finished Conor, then maybe we’d be somewhere. I know I have knockout power with words… but like Dana White said about Nick Diaz: “You’re your own worst enemy.” I’m still working on that. In the meantime, I got my business back up and running, I don’t tolerate any bullshit, and I don’t engage with unsupportive people anymore. Don’t die on me, motherfuckers. This book WILL get finished. #SOON


After I published a sample chapter of the book years ago, this was some of the feedback I got from fans:


“let me know when the book is out. 1st guaranteed buyer #righthere”
– Isidro G. from Twitter


“I’m really looking forward to the book, you left a cliff-hanger in one of your blogs about an argument where you walked out on Roger. That alone has me interested in really picking up your book.”
– a reader through email


“just finished reading your home page, can you say awesome?!? i’m genuinely interested in reading your story. I find your style of writing very invigorating, it is honest and direct. I’m also a fan of Roger Huerta, I find him to be an intriguing individual with a certain mystique that surrounds him. He’s a great fighter, lot of heart, and tons of potential.”
– Ed R. from Twitter


“I went to your website and read the story of your ‘relationship’ with the fighter who now doesn’t talk to you (!). All very interesting, and should lead to a good book!”
– Bruce B.


“I am the host of [an mma radio show]. I actually had Roger on the show before his fight with War Machine. I have also met Roger at Bellator 17 in Boston, MA where he nearly cried at the post-fight press conference. You could see defeat in his eyes but not just from one fight. The concept of the book is very intriguing to me and your personal relationship with Roger makes it that much more intriguing.
I’m sure once this book comes out, it will be all over top MMA sites like and ect…”
– An MMA radio show host


“I thought your sample chapter was great, it did what it was supposed to do and kept me wanting to read more. Can’t wait for the full book.”
-Ernest R.


“I really enjoyed the chapter. I thought it was very honest to the point where guy or girl can understand where you are coming from. I look forward to reading more. Great stuff!”
-Ryan J.


“I got interested in your story from reading all your tweets. I think we both started off as Huerta fans, but you know how that turned out……Ok, so I read the excerpt……great opening to your book! Can’t wait to read what’s next when it comes out!!!”
-Johnny R.


“Hi Michelle, looking forward to your updates. I saw your youtube videos and was drawn to how well and soft spoken you were. (also a mma and huerta fan).”

– Eric P.


“Hi michelle, I just watched the war machine story on mma on spike and I wanted to see his twitter account and came by your story. I just read alot of your stuff online about your trip to texas, roger huerta, your eviction,- which sucks sorrey eh, and just came intrigued by the whole thing. I looked up your youtube videos and it seems like things are starting to roll. Interesting story and I can’t lie I really want to no what happened at the dinner that made you leave the situation. Anyways that’s how i came here, thanks.>”
– Shaun D.


“Your adventure involving War Machine and Roger Huerta, I have to admit, was a very cool story to read and offered some deep insight into the background of some of these fighters and their personal stories.

I am looking forward to my signed copy when it comes out! I’m dying to know the clincher regarding you getting turned off over the course of 5 seconds from roger ‘s climatic utterance in Pharr….. “
– Seth B.


“I am really interested in learning more about Mr Huerta through your book. I am fascinated and want to read the rest of it. Keep me in the loop.”
– Andrew C.


“Thanks to that post on Middle Easy, I know about you now. At first I thought you must of been insecure and nuts. After hearing you talk, and seeing some of your other interests, I’ve concluded you are intelligent. Although that makes this whole thing even more confusing or intriguing.

I do think you are trying to use the internet craze to get your image and name out there. And it is clearly starting to work, you may yet snowball this thing to be big. The more people that talk about it, good or bad, the more this will grow.

The odds are against you, like the rest of us, but I wish you luck. You are someone I wouldn’t be pissed off seeing make it rich.

Btw, sorry about your Boy getting the most brutal soccer kick to the head I’ve ever seen. I have never liked Huerta (especially the way he acted when he was at his high in the UFC, around the time of his sports illustrated cover photo), so I enjoyed seeing it.”

– Patrick R.


“I read some of your blogs and I just love how you put your words into action. Good luck and I cant wait to read the book.”
– Cyndi F.


“Although your whole website, book about Roger and blog posts weird me out a bit, it has slowly become interesting to me…I mean you have gone out there and met the people you wanted to and are living life the way you want to. I can’t help but support that a little, even if it seems like I am reading your diary.”
– Donny K.


“I just read Roger’s responses. Jesus, Michelle – from the story on your blog and his tweet it sounds like you torture that poor man. It’s hilarious, though….even though I am not into UFC at all there is something very familiar in your story that I think we can all relate to. However, if I were a celebrity, I would feel flattered and honored to have someone crushing on me!”

– A client


“He’s sexy and he can fight; hearing his story about his life moved my heart also how he has persevered through it.”
– Jessica from Twitter


“wow good story Michelle…two things I would suggest from it:

a) join a gym…that is where you learn the most about this [fighter’s] mentality.

b) be careful getting crushes on fighters, they are known to break hearts.

I learned a lot about this industry trying to do things in it the hard way…experiential learning is where its at on most things in life…the more you do things…the more you know them…whether is BJJ, promotions, management, or writing.
– Mitchell from LinkedIn


“I didn’t see the UWF fights but I read about them. I saw the end of the fight online. Brutal finish but War Machine is a beast. Always has been. I’ve always been a fan of Huerta’s as well. I read some of the writings on your site. Wow! From Huerta fan #1 to War Machine’s camp? Honestly, I feel bad for War Machine. I really liked his season on TUF and felt he consistently gets a bad rap. He’s young. He’s an animal. And I think if he just had someone looking out for him, he could have channeled all that aggression into JUST the cage and kept himself out of trouble elsewhere.Please do stay in touch! I look forward to reading more of your work.”
– Rob F.


“I like reading books in general and branched off into some MMA stuff a couple of years ago.  A Fighter’s Heart is a must read.  I was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley so there is somewhat of a connection there.  The way you tell a story leaves me wanting some more, not many people have the ability to do that.  Is there a way I can have the book autographed when it becomes available? Is there a date for the release?”
– Jay G.


Want to judge for yourself? Read the free sample chapter here (written in 2012).