Need to Be “Called Out” on Your Bullshit?

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I have a talent for sniffing out bullshit.

As a senior in high school, I was all over the Columbine High School shooting and how Jefferson County law enforcement tried to cover up certain facts leading up to the tragedy.

In 2011, I was all over a certain MMA fighter who acted one way in front of a camera, and a different way behind closed doors.

I seem to be a bloodhound for “that which does not match up.”

Ironically, I’ve also spent years of my life BS’ing myself and others about many things – not intentionally – but because I was raised in an environment where it was OK to change your mind and not follow through on your word. This kind of upbringing made me proficient in the art and language of BS. I can spot it in others.

Today, I believe BS does more harm than it does good. It hurts us, and it hurts others. Why? Because it’s a distraction. It blocks us from our truth.

BS can take the form of:

  • Saying one thing and doing another
  • Making a promise (no matter how small) and not carrying it out
  • Hiding something about yourself that is actually craving exposure
  • Playing small when your soul yearns to play bigger
  • Judging or attacking others because something about them reminds you of you
  • Choosing to withhold your powerful story, out of fear of what others might think

There are many forms of BS – but in its most basic form, BS constitutes the little “white lies” we tell ourselves that eventually grow into bigger lies.

We tolerate these lies at a price.

Stop with the B.S.!

Today, I’m on a mission to help others free themselves from BS – whether it’s in their thinking, their personal life, or the way they do business.

My intention is to be “impeccable” with my word (a la Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the The Four Agreements), while inspiring others to do the same.

Most people don’t like to be called out on their crap. It can be scary and embarrassing. I get it.

That’s why I’m offering a relatively safe space in which you can get called out on your crap.

If this intrigues you, schedule a “Call You on Your Bullshit” session with me.

You’ll get:

  • 30 minutes of supportive conversation with me
  • A deeper understanding of why you do what you do

How it works:

  • I’ll ask you to talk about yourself and what’s going on in your life and/or business right now.
  • I will be taking notes.
  • I will be paying attention to what you’re not saying
  • I will be connecting some dots that you’d never think to connect.
  • I’ll present you with my feedback and interpretation of what’s really going on. You can take it or leave it.

You should only schedule this session if you’d like to hear a thoughtful outside perspective on your situation – AND if you’re strong enough to hear what you probably don’t want to hear.

Contact for rates and availability on coaching packages.

Disclaimer: This is a coaching service, not therapy. I’m not a therapist or a mental health expert. I’m actually a copywriter. I’ve worked with numerous coaches and understand the value of having people in your life who support your best self.