You are the root cause of everything happening to you, whether it’s desirable or undesirable, pleasant or unpleasant…

Universal law dictates that how and what we think determines what shows up in our external lives.

What we believe deep down inside determines what we experience, or don’t experience.

When we merge accurate thinking with aligned action, that’s where positive, desirable results are achieved.

When we engage in inaccurate thinking and misaligned action – that’s when we suffer, waste time, and get distracted.

All suffering comes from inaccurate thinking.

(Hint: you can tell if a thought is inaccurate if it’s based on fear or limitation.)

A call to all human beings to become their best selves…

We’re either consciously or unconsciously creating our lives, all day long, every day. We’re either designing our lives with intention and purpose – or we’re tolerating shit that doesn’t belong anymore. We get to choose our experience! Those who choose on purpose will be richly rewarded. Those who let others choose for them, or who let circumstances determine the quality of their lives, will be greatly disappointed.

How much do you trust yourself? How much do you trust others? Are you still projecting your unconscious “gunk” onto other people? Is Mom or Dad secretly running your life or business, without your awareness? Do you prefer being a “victim” to your circumstances? Are you addicted to stress hormones, and therefore unconsciously seeking out situations that stress you out? Are you committed to suffering (is that outdated word still in your vocabulary)? Are you afraid of your spiritual self? Are you skeptical of your own ability to choose your way to a better life? Do you place your power in the hands of other people (e.g., clients, friends, family)? Are your beliefs really serving you?

Consider this your official call-out.

My name is Michelle Lopez. As a copywriter and coach, I help people release the dysfunctional stories, outdated programs, and hidden desires that are driving them to distraction.

If you don’t 100% love every nook and cranny of your life with the unstoppable passion of Romeo and Juliet, then I guarantee there’s a hidden force at play – robbing you of your best life – and it all originates in your own mind.

To begin changing how you think, email me for a coaching session and we’ll explore what’s really going on. I have a few spots available each month to talk to people. For those who are committed and truly ready to break through to their best selves, I offer coaching packages.

Business owners who already love their lives are invited to contact me for copywriting and marketing support. (You can read more on my copywriting business here.)

Michelle Lopez, Copywriter and Coach